The Contest Is Launched!!


Great NEWS!!

Eventually… after much effort and work we have managed to put together something we have long been dreaming about! But… before we go any further, we must first say this contest could never have taken place without the real support we are receiving from our kind and very generous sponsors.

OK… now… the contest is all about you. We are looking for a winner. That winner will be the proud recipient of some really handsome prizes… including some recording time! Well that… together with the banner will surely tell you what we’re looking for. Singers in the Midlands… this is your chance. Enter today and just maybe your dreams will become reality.

Click here to have a look at the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page… then, click here to print off an entry form. All relevant details will be available  Click on the ‘Contacts’ page if you should need further information. Please bookmark this page as we will be placing regular updates… or, better still subscribe now to receive all updates via e-mail.